Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Bob the Builder Lets Get to Work Playsets Review

We were sent two of the new sets from Character Options to review, the Building Site (a 15 piece set) and the Suppliers Yard (a 18 piece set).  My boys were over the moon seeing them when they arrived.  Their eyes lit up at all that potential to pretend to be builders, with lots of bits and pieces perfect for busy workers.

They love Bob the Builder anyway, but what is great is how interactive these sets are, with lots of little tools and unique features to feel really involved. Aimed for children aged 3 – 5, my two boys were the perfect aged testers and for them it was a huge success. Everything is the perfect size for little hands and nothing too complicated to frustrate pre-schoolers with short fuses!  

If you buy both sets there is enough to keep two (or more) children playing happily side-by-side and interacting together, learning to share the different pieces and see how things work together on a building site. I think for an RRP of £14.99 per set, you get plenty to keep your child out of mischief, whether they are loading the wheelbarrow or pallet, drilling, or playing with either the Wendy or Bob figure that accompanies a set.

You can even hopefully try and incorporate some valuable lessons as they play… like how important a nice tidy site is for health and safety reasons, so no one trips and hurts when handling machinery, maybe then they can translate that to keeping their bedrooms tidy!!!  Well… it might be worth a try at the very least.

I could imagine my two growing up into real workman having shown such an interest in these sets and having come up with different scenario’s and working together to fix it!  It might be nice having two reliable builders in the family!

You can see more of what Character Options has available and make purchases on their website.

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