Thursday, 21 June 2012

ChokaBlok Review

The main things I love in my life are my children, cakes and chocolate (okay and my hubbie, better squeeze him there in case he is reading!).  So having the opportunity to review a new range of chocolate is a little bit of sunshine to me.  Especially when they sound so mouth watering and delicious, I was in love with them before I had even opened the packets…

Our selection included the full exquisite range

Cookie Crumb Mon-Star – Creamy white chocolate with shortcake biscuit balls, dark cookie crumbs and milk chocolate stars.

Gold Digger Dynamite (the household favourite!) – Milk chocolate caramel cups, chunks of sweet honeycomb, surrounded by milk and white chocolate.

The Chocolate Extremist – Smooth milk chocolate with rich dark chocolate, crunchy brownie pieces and milk chocolate malty balls.

The Rocky Road of Love (for those soppy romantics!) – Milk chocolate with dark chocolate hearts, shortcake biscuit balls and mini marshmallows with a drizzle of dark chocolate.

When you open the packets visually they look very tempting, absolutely loaded with every possible goodie you can imagine.

The chocolate is very luxurious and melts in your mouth but its appealing having the texture and bite of the toppings.  The chocolate bloks are available to buy for an RRP of £1.59 from Tesco.  I think that is a very fair price for a product this indulgent.  Being on a budget I find it hard to get affordable treats for my friends for their birthdays but a bar of this and a card, is enough to show them you care (especially when they get their teeth into it!) without breaking the bank.

They even have a Chokablok Gift Box (RRP £3.99), which has bite-sized versions of the four flavours but the difference is each has a soft centre.  They were quite heavenly especially the Chocolate Extremist version…

I think I am going to be hard pushed to go back to my old time favourite Dairy Milk, after having been spoilt with these offerings…

Although trying to get the boys and their friends to share once they had the bloks in there clasp was slightly tricky!!!  With hindsight I should have opened them when everyone was sleeping!

You can find out more from the website (or just skip that and head to Tesco now, you will not regret chomping on these!).  I see they do ice creams too… (resumes drooling!)

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  1. Yours are in one piece! lol The gold digger and rocky road are absolutely my favourite! x