Monday, 11 June 2012

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Blu-Ray Review

We were sent this Blu-Ray, adapted from the acclaimed bestseller by Jonathan Safran Foer, for hubbie and I to review; we were both pleased to watch something without a cartoon in it for a change.  Usually everything is for the boys, so nice having a 12 rating and an excuse to stock up on movie snacks (epic Cadburys bar for the win!).

The story revolves around Oskar Schell, an extremely bright and gifted boy who has lots of fears and worries (screaming, crying, children without parents, meat, shoes… to name but a few!).  Who then very sadly loses his father in the September 11 attacks in the World Trade Center, discovers a key in his belongings and sets off to uncover what it might unlock.

I could really relate to the lead character with his love of Taekwondo, in his gi he reminded me of my son when he does karate and he had a very inquisitive mind and a great imagination just like him too.  I have to admit I cried twice in this film, I found the ending very emotionally charged.  But I also felt content with the ending, some films leave me wanting more but this film went from strength to strength.  I took a little while to get into the plot initially but when I was I was completely absorbed.

The characters are all strong and suited to their roles.  The film really gets you thinking and is very deep and moving.  Hearing the phone call from the father in the trade centre was upsetting and it hit home again the heartbreak and loss of that tragic day.

There are moments of light relief in the film too which helps as otherwise I think I would have been crying from start to finish.  I laughed when he excuses himself off school saying to his mum “I could be a walking pathogen” and the image of him wearing a gas mask on the tube.  Also when he is packing his essentials for survival in his backpack, I did giggle about the necessity for a tambourine.  But you soon realise he does really need it to help keep him calm.

Being a mum of two I kept questioning his distant mothers role in the film, she seems to let her eleven year old romp all over New York, but you follow through to the satisfactory ending as I mentioned but I will not give any more away, it really is a great film, with plenty of mystery, intrigue, emotion and laughter.  I cannot fault it and am pleased to have had the opportunity to watch it.

Available to buy from Amazon for £15.99

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