Sunday, 3 June 2012

groclock Review

I was so pleased to have been sent one of these to review as eldest has a tendency to wake on the early side!  Sometimes you just crave the extra shuteye as a parent.  Once children are awake its full on until bedtime again so if there is anything which will help them get some more zzzzzzz in the morning then it should be snapped up and sampled straight away!

I love how the groclock is teamed with a very helpful little book, which explains how important getting enough sleep is.  The book also illustrated how having a groclock in particular helped Percy the pig have more energy and be less grumpy because he was finally getting the right amount of rest as he knew when he needed to get up.

With a useful book described in simple terms, perfect for children, and worked alongside the groclock we are reaping the benefits already.  The groclock is very appealing to my son he likes the screen with pictures of the sun and stars, for day and night.  I was impressed that the groclock also has little stars, which go out one at a time throughout the night so you know time is passing and an idea if you have lots of sleep left or not as long.  I did not know it had this feature, the groclock has really thought of everything!

You have the option to set an audible alarm but we keep it on silent mode just on the off chance eldest decides to sleep longer than the sun appearing, well you never know!  So good to keep everything peaceful just in case, I do love extra sleep after all.

We do not have blackout blinds so it is heavenly that even though it looks light through his curtains the first thing eldest does now is look at the groclock.  Usually it would be straight in our room, clomping down the landing, on occasion waking his little brother up in the process – who in turn would then be grumpy as he did not have enough sleep!  If the groclock is still on the star picture he waits patiently for the change to happen or falls back to sleep.

With a new comfortable pillow and an eldest son sleeping longer and more soundly.  I wonder if my Missing Sleep name will become redundant… am sure my youngest will make sure I continue to look sleep deprived and haggard for awhile yet though!  Although maybe if I cut back on his soft toy habit, he might have more room in his bed and stop falling out…

The days have been easier now eldest is not as drained, he is getting to the end of each day happier and better behaved because he has not been over tired.  He has more energy to play and learn.

You can find out more information from The Gro Company website and purchase there for a RRP of £29.99 (a small price to pay restoring sleep to your household!).  But I have seen the groclock on offer for £21.95 on Amazon, which is even better, not sure how long the special price will last though!

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