Thursday, 7 June 2012

james Martin Bakery Bread Mixes

We were sent two of these bread mixes to trial out here, the Mixed Seed and Cheese & Sundried Tomato variety.  We are not always thoughtful shoppers, often we run out of essential staples and we are trying to improvise, but bread and milk is key in our household.  Luckily if I keep a couple of packets of these in the cupboard, I only need water and we are sorted for bread rolls for lunch however forgetful mummy is (well as long as I leave adequate preparation and cooking time!).
The instructions are easy to follow or you can use a bread maker and refer to your machine manual.  Hubbie made both our packs into rolls in the oven, which tasted delicious like the rolls I often look forward to at the start of a meal in a fancy restaurant.  If you eat them fresh from the oven too, they are all warm and the butter just melts in nicely…

The smell of fresh baking in your house is lovely; you do not need to admit to anyone you cheated a little!  The rolls make a great addition to any meal too.  The Cheese & Sundried Tomato was perfect for our simple pasta dish.  Boys wolfed down their roll with more zeal than the pasta!

I quite fancy trying the Roasted Red Onion & Balsamic Vinegar and with an RRP of around 99p, I do not even have to wait (we are trying to live on a budget currently) to treat myself to decent bread.  At that price, I can pretend I am in a posh restaurant everyday with the finest rolls of the house…

Asda currently have them on special offer two packets for £1.50 so even cheaper!  Nice to see our money stretch even further!  Although 99p is a bargain anyway!!!

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  1. Ooh these look lovely. Yum yum! x