Sunday, 17 June 2012

James Martin New York Style Cheesecake Review

My husband was thrilled when we had a chance to review another item from the James Martin Bakery collection, mainly because he is cheesecake mad!  He loves it, I think given half a chance he would try and sustain himself on that alone…  I am not such a fan of cheesecake but I was still interested to see how it turned out and as I have a sweet tooth am always willing to give anything a try at least once!  Especially when it’s the end of the week and the household treats are depleted!

We have had nothing but positive experiences of James Martin mixes so far; you can see the review for the other cake mixes again here, so we did have high hopes.  We were not disappointed thankfully.  You do need to add a couple of ingredients, semi skimmed milk and butter which we already had in and 300g of soft cheese (we bought two tubs of Philadelphia for £2), so at most this cheesecake costs £5 (including the mix price with an RRP of £1.99).

Well hubbie has given it a huge accolade by saying he thought it was nicer than the English Cheesecake Company one I bought him, which set me back LOADS, I am not sure if I am pleased that this cheesecake is so damn appetizing on a budget or gutted I spent loads on the other one when I obviously did not need too…

I liked that a baking tray is included so minimum mess and fuss.  The instructions were clear to follow.  The boys and hubbie have made light work of the cheesecake (even with it being a decent size) and all commented on how nice it tasted.  I even found it pleasant enough but perhaps slightly too tart for me, although hubbie kept complaining as I was more than happy to hog the delicious biscuit crumb base!


  1. Actually I would love to try the English Cheesecake Company's cake lol. Maybe one day I'll buy one as I love baked cheesecakes myself :) x

  2. looks yummy! Send some over lol! x