Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Little BU Review Part Deux

My friend a beauty therapist (who has been providing the material for my kids hairstyling and beauty section of my blog) sounded very impressed with the Little BU range I reviewed back in January, if you are new to my blog you can re-familiarise yourself with the review here.

She has three girls and although she is used to a wide range of nail varnish products in her job, she jumped at the chance to review some for me.

This is the first time she has felt happy to leave her children alone with a beauty product.  They managed to spill some on the sofa and she was so impressed she managed to wipe the damage off and it was as good as new again, with conventional nail varnish it would no doubt have been a trip to the shop to get a throw to cover the mess!

Also if you make a mistake when doing their nails, my friend was glad she could simply wash off and start again.  Frankly with how much little ones like to wriggle about it is hard to do a good paint job, so this is the perfect solution.

Direct quote from my friend:

“This stuff is amazing, a perfect present for a little princess, the colours are really bright and shiny and best of all they wash off with warm water”

Here is one of the little hearts she made with them.

She also made some penguins but improvised with her own black nail varnish she had.  But you could make a sweet girly penguin using the Sofia purple shade quite nicely indeed!

Head over to their website to buy some for your little ones.

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