Monday, 25 June 2012

Little Doers Craft and Activity Box Review

We were sent an amazing craft box full to the brim with glitter, glue, paint powder, crepe paper, feathers, activity sheets and so much more.  I like that this box contained absolutely EVERYTHING I need for the boys and I to do each activity.  We were doing the bow and arrows and it mentioned Blu-Tack I was worried we did not have any (any we have youngest rolls into little balls calls them his “pets” and then promptly loses them around the place!), but youngest noticed a little pack, which even contained the Blu-Tack.  I really cannot put in words how impressed I was with this.  Nothing worse than having to stop an activity midway through, when you realise your missing a key element - which I would do often as I am a ditsy bubblehead!

The help sheets are so clear and comprehensive; completing any given activity is a breeze!  Plus they are fun to do, each activity seems well thought out so children use a range of crafting skills and really get engaged in the process.  I think it is good a list of what is needed for each activity is included as youngest was ever so excited that he ran off with little packets off glitter, sequins and paint (leaving a little trail of yellow after him!!!).  Luckily I could figure out what came with each activity pack through the useful instruction sheets and match them back to where they needed to be!

I particularly like that each activity also comes with educational fact sheets and colouring in sheets (possibly even the words for a song like we had).  So there is plenty to do and learn in one box.  Given how much fun your children will have £15 a month (which in the first month includes a painting apron, glue spreader and paintbrush) seems a small price to pay for such a convenient way to get crafting.  

My boys also had the opportunity to try out different textures, as card, wood, paper and foam were all included in the box.  You can tell someone with a child has developed this box, because they have really considered what works well.  Beth the creator and her son Milo have tested all the activities to make sure they will be successful and manageable for young children. 

When it comes to a Welsh summer there are no guarantee’s that sunshine will actually be involved, so it’s great to be stocked up with entertaining things to do indoors if you cannot get your children outside.  My youngest has quite a short attention span so it was really helpful that shapes are pre-cut to save on time, otherwise I would feel like pulling my own hair out by the end of it!

We would give this box a gold medal!

You can find out more at the website and order a box for yourself.  The boxes come in toddler and preschool/early years age categories so if your child is from 2 – 7 years they will be well catered for with one of the two choices.

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  1. lol I was completely distracted with the Giant Elmo at the back, it's HUGE!!! He had to be taller than me hahaa!! x