Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Messy Pups

Living with children you do kind of get accustomed to the grot and the grime, the grass stains, the crayon marks on the wall and the spilt drinks on the floor.  You soon realise white pristine walls and light coloured carpets were not only impractical but also slightly optimistic.

Heavily pregnant you start nesting, getting the house perfect… for what? A baby to spew all over the place and then later comes the toilet training with yet more spillages.  Your child will rock back and fourth on the potty, with a gleeful look on their cheeky faces… and all the time your praying the contents stay where they belong!

All I can say is hooray for carpet cleaning shampoo, because frankly without it I think my friends would have been declining invites to our house or diplomatically placing a peg on the end of their nose!  Thankfully we are past the toilet training stage now, but I am so pleased products exist like Vanish to restore the fresh and clean smell to our home.  Why I did not invest in hardwood flooring is beyond me.  Instead I quietly try and admire the playdoh and paint splodges that will not shift and embrace living in a house surrounded by impressionist art.

But if it’s not the children, the pets are also in on it, they are adamant on bringing further chaos to our home.  When we first got our hamster, he chomped on my finger so hard, I had blood spurting out of me.  Obviously I had to put a brave face on for the children but all the time I was just figuring out how to remove blood stains.  The sofa was absolutely covered; I am surprised I did not pass out from extreme blood loss.  He has been a loveable pet since but I always keep a watchful eye on him (and bribe him with nuts and seeds so he is an extremely happy hamster!). 

When the dog lived here it was all thick black hairs everywhere, I do not think we will be featuring in Ideal Home Magazine anytime soon.  But at least with these products we are not contenders for a Kim and Aggie grilling.  It is just a shame Vanish cannot get rid of other annoying stains in my life, like hubbie when he is so engrossed in his online games, I may as well be invisible!  “Hello? Yes me your wife…”

Although least he knows where to find the marigolds!


  1. I think I need some of their powershot :)

  2. Helen from the Good life mum26 June 2012 at 23:16

    Im always washing my carpets amazing how a small child does so much destruction