Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Penwizard Peppa Pig Book Review

We were picked to review a fantastic Peppa Goes to (my son’s) Birthday party book.  I have been hanging on to it for ages, as obviously it would be a shame to review it before his birthday!  But they kindly understood and have waited patiently.  Bless them, but I have struggled to keep it a secret as the book looked so enticing and I knew eldest would enjoy it very much.

The book is currently on offer for £12.74, which is a good price considering you can personalise with a number for how old they will be in a balloon on the front cover, their name throughout the story and their hair, skin and eye colour for their character in the book.  On top of that it is well-bound large paperback, with good quality colour pages.  You feel your getting a decent product for that price.

My son was very excited seeing his name on the pages.  He loved the story; even at five Peppa Pig is still very appealing (I think its all that rebellious jumping in muddy puddles and springing on their parents bed that does it!).  He was pleased to recognise how he looked in the book, you can even add glasses to your child’s character if they wear them!  So there can be quite a likeness to your child.

All in all I cannot recommend Penwizard highly enough, ordering the book was quick and easy.  You can add a personal message on the first page, another lovely touch that makes the book even more special.  I know my son will treasure this book for a long time.  As a new reader seeing his name in print is a huge encouragement to the learning process, he is much more receptive and willing to read when he features so strongly in the story.  Anything that can promote reading in children is extremely helpful.  Us parents have enough trouble just surviving to the end of the day, fitting in all their educational needs on top can be a slight stretch on occasion… we do need a pit stop for us too (tea and cake for the win!!!).

If you’re interested in placing an order you can use the code 150920 to receive free P&P when you purchase a personalised book.  Head over to their website to see the huge range on offer.  I quite fancy one of the Peppa Pig Christmas Party books (yes I am bringing up Christmas again haha!).

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  1. Wow! How fantastic! Will be looking at one of these for my little girls birthday. :) x