Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Porkchop and Mouse Interactive Storybook Review

Now we have a fancy new Android phone I can review fabulous apps.  My eldest has got the hang of the phone no problem but me I have reverted back to my old reliable brick as it baffles me (hubbie is pleased as he is in his element with any new technology and was quick to claim it as his!).  But I do know how to find the games and storybooks on there, I make a point of knowing that as good entertainment for my boys defuses their grumpy moods and distracts them when they are rampaging!

Created by the award winning children’s author, Fiona Roberton, Porkchop and Mouse is a sweet little tale, about a cat that chases a mouse he finds nibbling his beloved donuts (I am still slightly jealous of his breakfast of donuts as I have to make do with cereal!).

The story can be read aloud or your children can read it themselves.  Both my boys thoroughly enjoyed it and liked poking and prodding the screen to see what they could interact and play with on there, like birds flying past the window, turning a light on and off or finding the mail in the mailbox.  I think that is what I like best; those lovely little extras really absorb them into the story.  The boys did not even manage to find them all, as reading the press release I can see you can also play a piano and find a tic-tac-toe mini game.  So plenty to keep them coming back for more!

My preference would always be an actual physical book for my children, but I do feel that storybooks on phones, tablets or ipads do have a place too.  They are great for taking on holiday, much more portable than emptying your bookshelves into a giant suitcase and quite cheap, this one costs just £1.79.  If your struggling to get your child interested in reading, the additional interactive features will make the process more fun and seem less like a chore to them.

Available to buy from Thumbstar Games.

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