Friday, 22 June 2012

Seabrook Bread Crisps

We were sent the Cheddar Cheese & Red Onion and the Sweet Chilli varieties (they have an RRP of £1.99 each).  

I enjoyed both but found the Sweet Chilli, a little too hot for me, but just to clarify I am a spice wimp… so this is not to say they are extra hot or anything.  My five year old had no problem with them so I guess that says it all!  My three year old did however ask for a drink of water after eating his, so perhaps he takes after mummy.

I think they would be delicious to accompany a warming soup.  Given the change in the weather, I might be tempted to get a few tins in to enjoy my bread crisps with.  Especially as they do really fill you up, soup on its own always leaves me wanting more to fill my tummy.  They would also be great with dips and a few drinks for the adults of the evening.  Mind you if you can get your children to actually stop hogging the containers for themselves that is!

My two absolutely love them and the funny characters on the packaging (Farmer Fred and Fireman Frank).  

It is great to introduce them to new flavours and I do enjoy the crunch of them, but they are quite Moorish when you get started (but being low in saturated fat you do not feel quite so guilty when you go a bit mad on them!).  They also do Tangy Barbecue and Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar.  I quite fancy hunting them down next time I am close to a Morrisons.

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  1. Its a shame you cant purchase these tasy little snacks anymore :-( Really enjoyed them.