Friday, 22 June 2012

The Somethingosaur Book Review

This has proved a very popular book.  It has been sat in the playroom and all the children who have come on playdates here have been sitting cross-legged looking through the pages, drawn in by the fabulous illustrations.

It is a lovely tale about a Somethingosaur hatched from an egg, who then goes off searching to find his mum.  Desperate to find his family, he braves asking dinosaurs much bigger if they are his parents.

He is such an adorable little fellow I quite fancy adopting him into our family!  But luckily the ending is a happy one and his mum is over the moon to have her son back.  He truly has travelled to the end of the world and back to find her.  But the delightful reunion makes it all worthwhile and his identity is revealed (I will not give anything away and leave it for you to read yourself!).

This hardcover book is available to buy from Amazon for £8.35, take your little ones on an adventure and read this before bedtime.

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