Monday, 18 June 2012

Tightening our belts

Lately I am doing anything and everything that can help our depleted finances.  I am not quite sure how but money seems to be disappearing at an alarming rate, so in a bid to improve our finances emergency action was needed.  Otherwise we would have no choice but to live on own brand baked beans everyday till the end of time!

So far I have managed to get a part time job (at a local supermarket, which helpfully has staff discount!), we have been selling toys the boys have outgrown (when we manage to prise them off of them!), hubbie has devised a fancy spreadsheet with our expenditure and income (I get slightly baffled and cross eyed just looking at it!) and I think the next step might be to sell my mobile.

I have looked into selling my mobile before but have been baffled by the sheer number of companies out there; I really had no idea where to start.  That was until I came across Top Dollar Mobile.  Given it has been awarded a prize by Good Housekeeping Magazine for 'Best Overall' in the mobile recycling category, I felt reassured this would be a reliable and safe place to send my mobile.  When every penny counts picking the company that offers the highest prices, is not only sensible but also highly practical (the more money I make = the more cake I can buy!).

It is really simple to get a quote and I love that it is so easy to start making hard cash (I have to feed my cake habit!); it costs nothing as they take care of the postage.  When you return the freepost envelope they check your phone and then make payment within five working days.

So no more excuses dig out your old phones from the back of your overstuffed draws or hidden in your children’s toy boxes.  Start a belated spring clean and enjoy some extra space in your home.  All the while thinking of how much your helping the environment by recycling, whilst mentally calculating what you will spend your newfound funds on!

Top Dollar Mobile also have a donation agreement with World Vision, assisting the children in Africa.  I would like to be more charitable but with money being tight have had to cut back on those types of contributions.  So this is great, I can feel benevolent but still be bringing in money for my little family.

Starts looking around the house for the next source of income…


  1. Helen from the good life mum18 June 2012 at 23:30

    Darn it i thought you were gona do a review on belts !!!!

  2. brilliant idea to make a spreadsheet, but like you they baffle me completely. And how great to work in a supermarket that gives you staff discount; hopefully you get first pickings at the reductions too :) Thanks for sharing the news about Top Dollar Mobile ;)

  3. Unfortunately no one wants to give me any money for my old mobiles :(