Monday, 25 June 2012

Wilf Runs Away Book Review

We were sent this lovely hardback book to review.  I am enjoying getting some older books for eldest, less pictures, more story, and mummy finally giving her brain cells a workout of sorts.  Eldest is definitely more engaged in these stories and pointing at words asking what they mean, which is all good signs for his ability to read and develop his comprehension.

Wilf is a very likeable character; a loveable rogue of a mutt and your child will enjoy reading about his adventures in the four short stories included in the one book.  There are some illustrations which give you some idea of what Wilf would look like, a mixture of grumpy, slightly messy but still somehow appearing cute.  He is a bit of an odd ball, he has bad moods and sulks, but that’s what makes him so funny, reading about all the scrapes he finds himself in!

The first story finds Wilf running away from home, luckily it all sorts itself out in the end, because I think he would miss his comforts of “sausages and bashed bones”!  The next story features the dogs working together to help give Wilf a birthday party to remember with the added excitement of them helping catch burglars in the process.

I will not reveal anymore, as I know you’re no doubt keen to get reading yourself.  Head over to Amazon and get your own copy for £7.19.

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