Friday, 29 June 2012

Wonka Candy Review

My boys were ecstatic to be reviewing sweets; especially sweets they thought were freshly made by no less than Willy Wonka himself!  

Eldest absolutely loves Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; so getting eye-catching colourful and crazy tasty sweets to sample is pretty awesome.  Most of his friends were at a birthday party that day (it is completely understandable parents cannot invite everyone), but thankfully no sad face in our house, Wonka came to the rescue! 

We had the nerds, the boys loved these crunchy little tiny pieces and begged for more.  Trying to avoid a sugar rush I let them sample them in moderation.  There is no danger of me hogging them to myself in a late night session whilst the boys are in bed, as sweets are not my indulgence of choice.  I am definitely a cake, chocolate and biscuit kind of girl.  However they might have to watch out for hubbie, he was very much taken by them (and the other two boxes provided for our review).

The Original Spree had a really powerful flavourful kick when you bite into them.  Eldest thought “POWW!” they were so strong.

The Gobstopper (£2.59) layered with different colours and flavours is quite interesting.  Hubbie did keep most of these to himself (he said for health and safety reasons… but I know it was because he wanted them all in his own tummy!).  He said they last a long time and the core is particularly appetizing!

On the packets they do mention that some of the ingredients might have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children (good on them for actually owning up to that!).  For this reason I do think they need to be controlled, I would not leave them to go wild with a packet, but rather give them a small selection to savour.  With the tiny amount I gave them they both seemed fine (or no worse than normal anyway haha!).

Some Nerds sprinkled on top of natural yoghurt might help balance out the naughtiness for your children.  You might get them to eat pretty much anything with some of these for decoration!!!

Wonka Candy is available nationwide, including department stores and specialist stores.

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  1. I loved nerds as a child! They didn't sell them for a while. Glad to see they are back *heads to the shop!* x