Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Zoku Lolly Maker Review

We were sent this innovative lolly maker from Lakeland to review.  You store it inside the freezer for 24 hours then you can make a lolly in 10 minutes.  You can do this up to three times before you need to place back in the freezer.  Hubbie my technical consultant found the process relatively easy.

Why I love our new gadget?

Healthier – Smoothie mixture, frozen yoghurt or fresh juices could be used, so your children feel like they are getting a “naughty” treat when the reality is lots of vitamins can be packaged in a normal looking lolly!  Perfect for mummies who struggle to get some goodness in their children’s diets.

Effective – It actually works.  We have bought countless seemingly thrilling cheap lolly pop moulds (the last one was shaped like Lego characters) but the contents always get stuck in the mould.  We then try and hack them out whereby they then fall off the stick…. Leaving me dealing with two sad faces, who had been waiting patiently for their pudding!

Exciting – the only limit to how you design your lolly is your own imagination (you can have stripes, filled lollies, colourful lollies)

Convenient – if suddenly it turns into a glorious day you have the ability to make ice lollies and most likely you will not need to go out for supplies to make them (as your bound to have yoghurts, milk or fruit to liquidise or something useful to use).  Saving yourself a trip to the shops with young children is always a blessing and avoiding the constant “mummy I want” cries!

The Zoku retails at £19.99, which I would have gladly paid, given how much money I have wasted over the years on poor alternatives and having to cheer the boys up after numerous failed lolly making attempts.  If you have a larger family you will need to invest in a Quick Pop maker that makes three lollies at a time (nine in total before needing to re-freeze!).  This works out more expensive (£34.99) but again it is worth investing in a quality reliable product!

Check out the Lakeland website for more information on all their exciting kitchen gadgets.  I am usually clueless as to what I want for Christmas or my birthday but suddenly I have my eyes on a few things… maybe I should make a list to give my mum and hubbie!


  1. Lakeland is great with all their household essential products, I have been spending hundreds with them! Watch your pocket while shopping as you'll always find something useful there ;) x

  2. I am a Lakeland addict - their stuff is always such good quality