Thursday, 26 July 2012

Bunny Starts School Book Review

This is a very sweet book from Caterpillar Books for any little ones making the transition to primary school from playschool.  It might help them to start to mentally prepare, just thinking about the things they need to get ready to take with them.

It is a very bright book with lots of interaction; you have to find everything bunny needs for her first day behind flaps.  There is also a pull down list with pictures of what bunny packed which is great for children who cannot read yet, they can happily sit and go through the book on their own and still find everything, using the pictures as a guide, rather than the words.

It is a good book to help with colours, items to find like black shoes and a pink sunhat helping with that.  As regular followers of my blog know eldest is bunny mad, so this book has been very popular.  Although generally I think it is best suited to 3-4 year olds.  Younger children would no doubt also love this book - but you might lose a flap or two by the end of the story in their over excitement!

What a real surprise was the lovely ending.  Attached to the last page is a "bag" containing everything your child found for bunny to get ready.  This serves as a great memory game, seeing how many of the items you collected along the way that your child can actually remember.  You can also then remove items from the bag and see if your child can guess which is missing.

The book costs £6.99 and is available to buy from Amazon (currently £6.29).  For a hardback book of this quality and appeal for children, I would definitely say it is worth buying ready for your child starting school in September.

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