Saturday, 21 July 2012

Chuggington Die Cast Review

We were sent the portable double decker roundhouse (£20.83 from Amazon), a cross and switch track pack (£6.27 from Amazon) and a couple of extra trains.  My boys were very enthusiastic with everything but we have relocated it all to their grandparents house, as we already have two train tracks in residence and surely you can have too much of a good thing…

But it is nice for the boys to have something new and exciting to play when visiting there.  I was slightly confused at first as the tracks for the two packets were different and incompatible.  I soon found the adaptor piece though which meant the pieces could all fit together thankfully.  The track with the roundhouse was best for my two to handle, which was easy to connect; the other pack tracks were much harder to fit together.  My three year old could not do it and the five year old did struggle (to be fair I struggled!).

The roundhouse is handy to store all the track and trains in, making it easier to take it to a friend’s house to play or just move it into another room.  The turntable can even stick on the back of the roundhouse, keeping everything tidy and together.  When in use the turntable is quite an impressive feature, you press the red button and it rises up and you can turn it around to drive into one of the roundhouse doors.

Eldest has been asking to go to his grandparents all day and I have only just twigged why, he wants to go and play with the Chuggington trains again!  He has just reliably informed me that: “Thomas is for babies, Chuggington is for big boys”.  I am not quite sure of his rationale for this, especially as Baby Jake is not considered babyish and it has an actual baby in it!!!  But at the moment anyway Chuggington is favoured here.

There are many sets available to assemble a whole world of Chuggington adventure.  Some of the track diagrams on the back of the box look fairly elaborate but I am not sure how easy they would be to build.  It might be worth the effort if you could leave the track up once built!  But if space is a problem then you really cannot go wrong with the portable double decker roundhouse and with room to add track around the back of the roundhouse you have scope to grow the set if you wanted in the future.  But I would only want the track my boys could manage themselves.

The pieces seemed adequately strong, the trains clip in to each other, which is quite good as they tend to stay together when the boys whiz them round really fast.  

Eldest especially was thrilled to have Brewster to ride the rails.  So fans of the show will love this train set.

More information is available from Tomy.

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  1. Helen from the Good life mum21 July 2012 at 15:18

    Soph got to play with one of these yesterday i thought the whole pick up and take some where was a good idea