Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Fitness Challenge – the truth

Okay I raise my hands up and admit, the twice-weekly routine never quite materialised.  I started off fairly enthusiastically, but soon my fitness routine got lost amongst all the other day to day goings on, swallowed up in play dates, blogging and working part time.

The good thing is when life opens up a window the DVD is there, ready and waiting, but unlike a gym subscription my inactivity is not costing me anything.  If I had been paying out the last few weeks, it would only have been my bank balance that was getting lighter and hubbie complaining at me for wasting money.

So a big thank you to My Family Club for letting me give it a go.  I promise I will put it to good use in the near future and one-day model a streamlined tummy.  But Davina I am sorry the healthy diet that accompanies it will need to have an element of cake and chocolate, but for you I can compromise and eat carrot cake and chocolate-coated raisins if that helps somewhat!

To everyone else managing to juggle workouts with daily life I salute you!  But my Garfield tendencies are still very much at large.

But for the short time I did actually use the DVD, I would rate it five stars for cost, convenience and fun.  As for fitness progression and weight lose, I really did not do it justice.  If I had followed  the routine I have a feeling it would also have been a five.  

Note to self: Must try harder!  Garfield is not a suitable role model in life...

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