Friday, 13 July 2012

Fudgy Bear Review

There was once a delightful charming little Bear that entered our lives and made reading more fun.  For those of you not yet acquainted with Fudgy, he is a soft and very likeable teddy that features in his own series of books.

We were sent one of their packages to review; we were very spoilt, as it featured Fudgy himself, his five books, a reusable bag, sticker activity book and pencils.  This package would normally cost £35 (plus £4.50 postage and packaging), which I think is excellent value for how much is included.  Your child has a new lovable companion to play with, books to enjoy and later read themselves and the ability to get creative with a spot of colouring in the activity book.

The books are very educational with lots of questions to engage your child, helping develop their skills in counting and observation.  The books are very appealing for young children; youngest was thrilled to see his new soft toy in them!  It really helped keep his attention.  He played eye spy Fudgy, making sure he spotted him at every opportunity.  It is such a novelty having Fudgy to compliment the books; I have never seen anything like this before.  It is fascinating for my boys. 

I would imagine that in a nursery environment adding Fudgy to story time might help the confidence of a shyer child, helping them speak out and answer questions, you can be brave with a “friend” to cuddle by your side.

Books are also based on interesting subject matter, like the zoo, farm and seaside – all places children enjoy visiting and talking about.  Each book has lots of bright and colourful pictures.  All the materials are pitched perfectly for their target market of pre-schoolers.  But my five year old was also quite happy to sit down next to Fudgy and hear about his exploits.

In lots of back to school guides you read about the importance of well fitted shoes and suitable backpacks to ensure feet and backs are well catered for, but just as important is books, for developing young minds.  Buying Fudgy will help give a solid grounding for your child before they start full time school.  You can help build on their communication, language and mathematical ability prior to getting there.  All of which will help them be better prepared.

I am happy to recommend a company that values the importance of reading so highly.  They support Volunteers Reading Help by donating books and bears and children can even write their own Fudgy Bear story and have a certificate to display proudly.

After a story youngest has to have Fudgy tucked in next to him every night, where together they dream about his next adventure…

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