Sunday, 8 July 2012

Further Adventures of Woolley Jones Book

We were sent this book for eldest to give his thoughts.  The front cover suckered him in from the onset with enticing pictures of jars of sweets!  I have fond memories as a child taking my hard earned pocket money to the local shop to buy some Strawberry bon bons and rhubarb and custards.

With an RRP of £16.99 it might be more than you would normally want to spend, but it really is a lovely hardback book and it comprises of eleven mini stories, so breaking it down in terms of value for each story, it works out inexpensively.

Any child will love reading the descriptive tales full of mischievous plans, sweet shop visits and cinema trips.  Woolley Jones despite all his naughtiness is a likeable chap.  Trying to right those who wrong him in creative ways, that did get us all giggling.  Aimed at children 5 plus, this is one eldest will still grow into as despite being 5 he is not big on all the dating references, at the moment he prefers hanging with his mates, it is only his little brother who has planned his own wedding already…

Although my boys might find some tips nestled amongst the pages when they are older.  Like “it would perhaps be a good idea to say that you meet her inside the picture house and then you wouldn't have to pay” – so when they do start dating they can save a few quid!  Especially as having a girlfriend is considered an expensive business (buying ice creams, entrance into barn dances etc!).

There is a light sprinkling of well-drawn illustrations but by and large you can picture enough of the story in your own imagination through the expressive text.  With a reference to land girls it is also an educational book, mentioning the importance of women to keep the farms and so fourth going during the war.

This is book 4 in the Woolley Jones series (written by Amy Cornes Torr) so evidently a popular set of adventures, that is worth a read, and currently available for pre-order from Amazon for £14.44.

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  1. sounds like a lovely book!