Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Galt Marble Run Review

We were picked to review this for Izziwizzikids, to do so we had to do a video review, I apologise for my not so sunny disposition this time.  I have been feeling slightly off colour the last couple of days.  Service with a smile will resume shortly I am sure.  When I stop coughing at night and actually lose the giant bags under my eyes, I am sure I will be more cheery!  But I was my usual factual self at the very least.

Marble Run is aimed for children 4-8, youngest played quite happily (who is 3) so I think its more a safety guideline for the small marbles.
My two really liked playing with it, it is nice seeing them get more involved with marbles, as they were such a popular game when I was a child.  Although mine were not housed in a fancy run, I just used to hit them across the floor.  Building an elaborate run and seeing who’s marble will get to the bottom first is slightly more thrilling.

The run is quite sturdy and relatively easy to set up (I think hubbie was doing an impression of Eeyore in the video as he is failing to smile too!).  There are no official guidelines of what you build (which is a shame but forgivable especially with the budget price to buy it!), you can use the picture on the box as an idea or use your imagination.  The pieces are easy enough to manage so my five year old built his own run.

With an RRP of £10.99 Marble Run is excellent value for money.  My boys keep returning to it, again and again.  There is scope to add to your pieces by buying an additional set.  The Super Marble Run (£19.99) looks even more impressive.  So you can build your collection and have lots of different routes for your marbles to travel down.  It is a game that will never get boring.  But personally I would skip the cheaper option and go Super straight away (I love all the additional features).  I have a feeling this might be one to add to our Christmas list.  Great fun for both my boys but still affordable for me, thankfully living on a restricted budget need not be dull for your children.

Do come along to playfest on facebook and find out more about Galt Toys.  The date 26th of July is definitely one to add to your calendars!

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