Tuesday, 17 July 2012

GUP-X Launch and Rescue Vehicle Review

My two boys both really enjoy the Octonauts TV show; it is great for showing children more about exploring the ocean and the sea creatures you would encounter.  It is educational and entertaining in equal measure, but even more fun is the range of toys available to complement the show. 

We were sent the GUP-X Launch and Rescue Vehicle set, which was fantastic as it had so much to do.  The vehicle itself can be used in one of three ways, as a Octo-Ski, a tank or a glider depending on the situation you find Barnacles the included character in.

The 15 play pieces enable plenty of scope for underwater adventures.  My eldest also enjoyed adding his own ocean creatures to the set.  At one point a giant crab was attacking everyone, thankfully using the “slime disks” helped scare him off.  

With an adaptive vehicle, all the included pieces and the fact you can add to it quite easily with what you currently own, the re-playability of this toy is vast.

The “slime” disks are not actually slimey they just look like slime.  Luckily eldest did not seem deterred that no real goo was involved!

This toy also brings out your child’s nurturing side (so thankfully not all about attacking things), looking after sick and injured sea creatures, with a bandage and a stretched to aid them.  The toy has lots of fun phrases and sounds from the actual show, which will appeal to genuine fans. 

Available to buy from Smyths Toys for £34.99 and aged 3+, a worthwhile buy if your child enjoys the program or just as a decent vehicle to own and come up with their own scenarios.  Definitely developing a love of wildlife and exploring the ocean.

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