Monday, 30 July 2012


This is our entry into the Toys R Us Toyologists 2012.  My boys cannot live without bugs...

My boys love bugs but I am not ready to share my house with an assortment of pet woodlice and worms, so the next best thing is building on their HEXBUG collection.

My boys already have the small Nano bugs and they have been played with extensively since Christmas 2011, but I did not know until the Christmas in July event that they exist in bigger very sophisticated versions!

We were sent two of them, Larva and Scarab, they are targeted for those aged 8+ but my boys got lots of entertainment out of them.  I think as long as your child is over 3 (in case of random behaviour with small pieces!) they will be fine.  I was surprised how well they have both endured the heavy-handed nature of youngest at play!  He has been tying bits and bobs onto the Scarab legs and he is still going strong.

Just look at youngest debating what mischief he can get up to with his one... who he can scare or what the cat will make of it!

The Scarab (RRP £14.99) drained batteries quickly, but I guess its no surprise when you speed about like you have necked 10 cans of red bull, plus on top you have the athlete prowess to flip from your back on to your front again.  It’s like the Olympics but in the comfort of your own room with skilled robotic bugs taking centre stage!

The Scarab was so realistic I was not so keen on holding it with its legs going manically on my hand!  I think if I left it on the floor at my parent’s my poor dad would have a shock, thinking there was a giant bug on the loose.

The Larva (RRP £12.98) reacted to objects in its way and adjusted its path to avoid them.  It slithered around just like the real thing.  The movement, the look and the unique features should make these HEXBUG hugely popular.  You have been warned if they start selling out in the mad Christmas panic.

Here is a little footage of the bugs in action in a Duplo maze made by the boys.

I have my eye on the Crab, which reacts to light and sound, the perfect stocking filler for either of my boys.  But with 5 colours to pick from they can easily have one each!

Available to buy from a wide range of stockists.

My boys would love to be Toyologists, this is our third year trying!  So we will be keeping fingers extra tightly crossed.  Look how teeny they were the first year they applied (awww!).


  1. Wow, they look amazing! My son would LOVE these! :)

  2. they look like so much fun! I will be getting my son one of these!