Friday, 27 July 2012

It’s a Chicken! Game

This was a great game perfect for all the family, Paul Lamond Games in my opinion might just have nailed one of the Christmas must buys for 2012.

It is a drawing game, tailored well for the 5+ target market.  The templates on the drawing paper make it easier for this aged children to get involved, they then can just draw some extra features around it.

The cards that tell you want you need to draw are also well catered for the little ones, at the top there is a picture so those that cannot read can still join in.   My son would roll the dice and do the written word when he was able to read it otherwise he did the picture.  All in all a very well considered game, helping children of all abilities to take part and enjoy it.

The timer is chicken which clucks, this was much more appealing to the boys than the usual sand egg timers you normally get (although be warned it is quite loud!).  You get more points the quicker you guess the picture correctly.  If your child is taking longer to draw you could even remove the timer element until they are quicker but our son coped admirably and I was pleased seeing his drawings.

I think they have pitched this game correctly as 5+; my 3 year old did not have the concentration for it, he was too eager to draw his own pictures and did not even try and play.  But least he was happily occupied colouring!

There is a template on the back of the instructions, which you can photocopy to have more of the special drawing sheets.  I think it was very useful of them to have considered this, as knowing us we would run out then wonder what to do to get more! 

This game was great to get eldest drawing, he is not as interested as his younger brother to sit and colour.  But he was very enthusiastic about this game, so a helpful way to improve upon his drawing skill, whilst he still feels he is just having fun.

When your children are more sophisticated at drawing you could remove the drawing sheets that acts as a base for their drawings and use plain paper instead.  This would help further develop their drawing abilities.  A versatile game that will appeal to families for many hours of amusement.

The game requires 3 x AAA batteries so make sure you are stocked up!  The game is available to buy from Amazon for a snip at £10.95.  A little moan is that it does not come with any pencils, but we have heaps of drawing supplies in our house, so I do not know why this bothered me.  I think part of me was just being lazy going back downstairs to get the colours when we were all set up to play (note to self: going up and downstairs is good exercise!).

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  1. Jane for Paul Lamond Games29 July 2012 at 21:30

    Thank you so much for the great review!  We are really pleased you and your family enjoyed the game.

    Jane for Paul Lamond Games