Saturday, 28 July 2012

Kloo My Zoo Reader Cards Review

I read the instructions for the kloo cards and got slightly confused, it took hubbie coming home from work and getting to grips with them.  He read them, played it and then explained it to me suddenly it clicked!  Now I am not quite sure why I got in a muddle in the first place.
So glad hubbie did figure it out, as eldest loved them.  He enjoyed winning the animal picture cards and adding to his Zoo collection when he managed to read the animal word correctly.  

He had a real motivation to learn the words.  Plus children of this age seem to have a real interest in animals, so great subject matter for them.

It is the perfect game to start learning sentence structure and it is made easier by having the coloured arrows as a guide for younger children (those who have just turned 5) to identify the next card in the sequence.  Sentences always start with a card featuring a big star, so children can quickly get the hang of the game (well once mummy understands what to do that is haha!).

Lots of other suggestions for other games you can also play with these cards, so great value for money (RRP £9.99) given how versatile they are.  For example you can play word match, a memory card much like pairs but matching words to the animal pictures instead.

This would make a great educational stocking filler come Christmas.  After chocolate coins, edible Santa’s and a toy car, I struggle to find fun fillers so this pack works well. 

Learning to read through playing games seems more readily embraced here than when we try and encourage eldest to read his own bedtime story.  Sometimes he point blank refused, so any method (like these clever cards), which will help with reading ability, can only be a good thing.  Whatever stage of reading your child is at these would be a beneficial aid.  As always team them with plenty of praise to coax them to keep learning.

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