Sunday, 22 July 2012

Lollichocs Review

When the Lakeland catalogue arrives it is a real feast for the eyes, with so many clever tools to inspire you in the kitchen.  We decided to review the chocolate melting pot, lollichocs (chocolate lollipop mould) and a pack of 30 lolly sticks.  I choose this selection as in the past melting chocolate has always been slightly problematic, usually featuring some combination of bowls over a hot pan of water, which never quite works for us.  I tend to get into a pickle and admit defeat, but before doing so randomly chuck in hot water with the chocolate or stir in some milk and hope for the best…

With the Lakeland chocolate melting pot it could not be simpler.  It is a genuine joy to melt chocolate (a quick ding in the microwave!).  The design of the mould makes pouring easy and being an extra squishy pot means you get every last drop out – after all it is sacrilegious to waste chocolate!

The whole progress is relatively mess free, you can even turn the melting pot inside out to clean!  I think the hardest part of lollichoc making is resisting eating the molten chocolate before it sets.

These are must buys for family fun in the kitchen and very inexpensive.  The melting pot is only £2.99, the lollichocs mould is £4.99 and 30 lolly sticks £1.09.  So with very little expenditure you can start making treats to fill your children’s party bags.  Going on how delighted my boys are with these lollies, am sure they would be a hit at parties.

Also the melting pot is very versatile, you can use it to make homemade chocolates, drizzle chocolate on anything (and everything!) or even melt butter (how often do I need to do that… the butter is always like a rock in the fridge and I am longing for freshly buttered toast!).  I think next year we will give the homemade chocolates a whirl; I think the boys teachers would appreciate a selection of tasty treats!

In the picture below we used the little white sticks that came with the lollichocs mould pack, I do not think they are lollipop sticks as it suggests you buy them additionally, but they served a purpose anyway!  But on reflection I am guessing they might be to fill the gap if you want to make chocolate shapes instead of lollipops?

Our next plan is to use orange essence and have chocolate orange lollichocs, YUMMY!  With big bars of Cadbury’s on offer at Co-op at the moment (just £2!), it would be rude not to experiment a bit.  

Find out more from the Lakeland website.

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