Monday, 16 July 2012

Orion Books Early Reader Review Continued

We have reviewed three books from the Early Reader series before and thoroughly enjoyed them.  So it is exciting to have the chance to add two more to our growing collection.

Hubbie read Miaow Miaow Bow Wow (by Francesca Simon) to eldest this evening and when I went in to kiss him goodnight I asked him if he enjoyed it, his response: “I love it,” he said enthusiastically before adding “can I have it everyday until I am an old man…?”

Oh my word it must be great then!

This story is quite amusing; it describes what the animals get up to on Buffin Street when their owners aren’t looking.  Mainly how Dizzy the dog wants to join in with the Alley Cats chorus and the cats do not think his singing is any good.  Dizzy feels sad and dejected but soon overcomes this by coming up with the clever idea of having a dogs chorus.

Most of all I think I am quite pleased I do not live on Buffin Street, especially on a Sunday!

At the back of the book there are a number of questions to ask your child, this is good to see how much they understood and remembered from the story.

A Rainbow Shopping Day (by Vivian French) has lovely colourful illustrations, appealing for children.  The first story is a good one to read with your child, as it mentions how important it is not to wonder away from your parent, as you might get lost.  Eldest likes these books about Jason and his family, as it is all day-to-day stuff that he can relate to (but on a slightly larger scale as we are a family of four and they are much bigger).  I like them because they always seem to find time for a cup of tea and some cake, definitely my kind of people!

The second story involves a foiled burglary but it is made humorous as the burglars end up falling into a hole made by the faithful pet dog Hunter.  Although I am not sure if I am overly keen on children reading about people breaking in to houses just before bedtime, we want our children to go off to sleep soundly not worried… so probably best for a daytime read!

But overall I do love the Early Reader books.  Keep an eye on the website for more new children book releases.

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