Thursday, 26 July 2012

Rapido Game Review

We review lots of games here but I am amazed we keep stumbling on such a variety to engage my boys.  For anyone who thinks board games are “bored games”, you need to think again!

Rapido is visually quite different, with a piece of rope to mark out the area for the coloured balls and tubes for collecting, rather than a standard board to play on.  I think that spurned on their interest to get playing.  Youngest actually went on playing with the coloured balls and shaking them around in the bamboo tube long after the game playing was over, happy to amuse himself with everything in the box.

Great fun was had with all of us trying to be the fastest, getting all our colours according to the strips indicating which order before everyone else.  I like how there are two strips one easier than the other, so it helps for the younger players that it is not as difficult.

Hubbie, youngest, eldest, his best buddy and myself all played at different times and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, it is the perfect game for refining our manual dexterity.  We got better at moving our hands with skill the longer we played.

Eldest very proud when he won:

This game was sent to us by Eden Project and is available to buy for £20.00.  I must be honest I never knew Eden Project had an online shop, but having browsed it repeatedly ever since, I am ear marking lots of lovely products suitable for presents (I think my mum especially would love the Scented Candles Gift Bag).  The kids section is fun and educational and helps encourage a love of nature and the outdoors.

When you buy from Eden Project you also know your helping towards a better future, as all their products are environmentally friendly (recycled, fairly traded or sourced locally).  So your buying more than a gift, you’re buying a whole way of life, a greener more sustainable one.  For example Hape who make this game use Bamboo because it is the fastest growing wood like plant on the earth.

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