Thursday, 12 July 2012

Teapigs Matcha Challenge

I am usually not one to balk at a challenge, I like to do interesting things for my blog like hold a millipede or live without electronic toys for a week, but one whiff of this concoction and I am afraid I nominated hubbie for the task.

He has been drinking a shot of the “interesting” green mixture for the past two weeks, in the hope that he will feel more energised and trimmer.  I thought the claims were slightly far fetched.  Although I do like the idea of a super shot of green tea, I was impressed that a 1g shot of matcha tea provides 137 times the antioxidants of standard green tea.  However I did not expect to find a slim hubbie after his fortnight of morning shots, even though they did recently win slimming product of the year by Your Healthy Living readers.

But I had to eat my hat, as hubbie has had to go down a notch on his belt despite no other changes to his diet, so I guess its thanks to this miracle tea.  He is also saying he has felt less tired, I think on reflection I should have grinned and bared the vile smelling drink, because I am always knackered and could do with a pick me up.  To be fair you can also mix the matcha with a drink of your choice, so you could find something that appeals best for you, for hubbie it ended up being milkshake mix to disguise the taste, but he experimented with apple juice and milk on separate occasions.

I think for tired parents this matcha tea might be the way to go.  Just neck it in one and embrace having more energy and finding a convenient and easy way to manage weight loss.  Also with 9 times the beta carotene of spinach, unattractive spinach in the teeth need not be a problem again!

You can find out more at the teapigs website.  I think £25 for the 30g box is quite reasonable as it does last a month.  For that price you can afford to give it a gamble anyway and see how you get on yourself.  But hubbie would recommend it (I on the other hand am chain eating biscuits to get through the day!).

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  1. Disreputabledog16 July 2012 at 22:01

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