Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Pirate House and Matilda’s Cat Book Reviews

My boys positively shone when they saw the package containing some new books for their now somewhat mammoth collection!  But they never tire of new reading material and were counting down the hours until bedtime.  Obviously children will benefit from reading anytime of day, but it’s been particularly busy for us today (children’s party, trampoline lesson, soft play session!), yet however tired we are bedtime would not be complete without a story.

But today was not just any story, The Pirate House by Rebecca Patterson shows how children’s imaginations can run wild and from some vague clues string a whole creative tale together.  If you have a few seagulls circling your house (and on regular occasion we do!) watch out you might be considered a pirate!  Sam Turner likes telling his friends lots of things, but they all begin to believe and see it to.  The narrative becomes more and more elaborate with tales of counting gold and baby mermaids.

My boys love pirates so the subject material was perfect for them.  Plus we are always going for walks and stringing along a tale based on clues we find when we are out and about.  So this book is very appealing for children who like to daydream big!  The door eventually opens wider and the children can glimpse inside, is it pirates they see or something else…?

I like it best of all because I can explain to my boys how you can over think things, like when eldest assumed a pair of jeans drying on the radiator and partly covered by a curtain was a fiercesome monster’s legs.  You can just explain how a vivid imagination can just make it seem that way, when the reality is often quite different and nothing to worry about.

It normally has an RRP of £10.99 for the hardcover version but Amazon has it for a bargain of £6.37!

Matilda’s Cat by Emily Gravett is quite funny; as it is written by the little girls hand in pencil, with bits crossed out as the story progresses.  The boys liked this, as it was slightly different to what they are familiar with.  Matilda talks about all the things she is sure her cat will love, but secretly it is what she likes doing, so she is forced to cross out the option each time when the cat is understandably unenthusiastic.  For instance the cat looks suitably unimpressed with his banana on a plate offering at a tea party and is more partial to a nap than fighting foes!

At the end of the story you find out what the cat actually does love (and no its not tuna fish sandwiches!).  A very entertaining book for any pet lover, my boys have two cats themselves so they liked it straight away, I am just hoping they haven’t got some idea’s and we shall soon see our cat being encouraged to eat a banana washed down with some tea in a bone china cup!

The illustrations are quite sweet and you can see how much the little girl loves her cat and wants to share her daily life with him.  This book also has an RRP of £10.99 but available at Amazon for £6.26.
These are definitely two lovely hardback books to consider featuring on your little ones bookshelves.

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