Sunday, 1 July 2012

Wild Trail Popped Corn Cereal Bars Review

We are always pleased to find anything remotely edible making its way to our house to review.  I was not sure what I would make of these as I will eat Popcorn but am not the world’s biggest fan of it.  The first bites were very sweet and chewy, but hubbie found it grew on us quite quickly, with each mouthful we wanted more.

Eldest liked both varieties (Cranberry and Fruit & Nut), youngest, like myself, preferred the Cranberry.  It did make an exciting change having a popcorn based cereal bar for the boys.

The bars are very filling; the wholegrain popcorn is crammed with fruit, nuts and seeds and covered in yoghurt.  So would give you lots of energy if you were off on a hike (forget Kendal mint cake…!) or just needing a lift when the children get too much.  The bars are very nutritious with all those healthy natural ingredients, free from artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives. 

Popcorn is extremely high in antioxidants - as well as containing lots of fibre, Vitamin B, Vitamin E and being low in fat, so the perfect treat where you can still polish your halo after eating it (instead of feeling guilty and hiding the evidence!).

Hubbie thought a popcorn cereal bar would not work, he expected it to fall apart or fail to impress.  So put anyway your preconceptions, these bars are delicious!  I think it comes as no surprise that the Double Cut Cranberry bar won gold in the prestigious Great Taste Awards.

Handmade in Great Britain, it is nice to know we are supporting food production in our own country!

These packs of three bars retail for £2.39 and are available to buy from Sainsbury’s.  They are quite different to other cereal bars on the market, so definitely worth a purchase.  Find out more from the website.

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