Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Aldi Summer Activities Review

Today there was mainly rain, followed by drizzle then more rain…

Luckily Aldi came to the rescue with a delivery of two of their Busy Books and a Sound Book to help keep my two occupied.  

I was especially impressed with the Busy Books and think they are a complete bargain for £4.99, considering you get a lovely story, a play mat and 12 figures to play with.  Eldest was over the moon having Land of Opposites because it featured dinosaurs, there was a good selection too, not just 12 of the same dinosaur.  The figures seem sturdy, the play mat not so much but for £4.99 I am more than happy with what is included and there is plenty of scope for some amazing dinosaur adventures!

The book is educational too, because they learn about opposites (like near and far, front and back, day and night) and is very bright and colourful.  It is also helpful having the storage section at the page to keep the dinosaurs and the play mat safe when not playing.  Hopefully stop any dinosaurs making an escape and getting lost!

The sound book is only £1.99, which is good considering it has sound obviously and is hardback and of a good quality.  This is aged 3+ but my youngest who is 3 tends to prefer longer stories now, if its small he keeps trying to negotiate for more come bedtime!

There are also sticker and activity books, magic painting books, giant chalks and colouring books all at bargain prices.  Eldest has just started missing school, so am hoping lovely items like these will keep him focused on being busy and getting creative and the weeks will whiz by in a blur of happiness for him!

You can see more of what is on offer here.  But be quick as those prices I do not see them hanging about, so quickly head to your local store!  And not just for summer might be an idea to hoard some ready for Christmas!

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