Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Bettys Review

To get me into the spirit of all things Yorkshire ready for my stay in Sand Le Mere, I am making the most of chomping on handmade biscuits from Bettys.

I must admit I was not entirely optimistic about some of what I would be reviewing as it did consist of Lavender Biscuits (£4.25).  Youngest claimed they tasted of soap, eldest would only eat around the Lavender bits he could see and I found it quite a delicate flavour but the shortbread was melt in your mouth delicious.  It was definitely an acquired taste and I hold my hands up and say I would prefer the plain Yorkshire Shortbread.

But the Yorkshire Gingerbread (£4.75) was beyond delicious; stopping the boys eating the lot was my problem here, as I wanted to squirrel some away for myself and hubbie for the evening when they were tucked in bed.  It was nice and chewy, with a lovely ginger taste, so pleasant and even warming when it hit the back of your throat.  I do feel slightly cheated by the gingerbread men my boys usually get because these are completely in another league!  I think once you have tasted decent gingerbread anything less will not cut muster anymore.

The Earl Grey (£5.95) is a best seller and I can see why, it is beautifully presented in a box with sheer tea bags inside.  No need for a spoon, which is always a bonus, (does anyone else have a spoon eating monster in residence?) you can just dunk them on the string.  It is very fragrant, it was my best experience of drinking Early Grey tea, I had a feeling I would admit defeat after a few sips but it was a pleasant experience overall.  Although I think I am more of an English breakfast tea kind of girl (or possibly Bettys Tea Room Blend), however nice to pretend to be more dignified on occasion!

I have seen plenty more edible delights on Bettys to take my fancy (drooling over the cake section particularly!) and am sorely tempted to book afternoon tea for the lot of us when we are in the area.  Check out their website for more information.

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  1. We love Bettys! I must agree that Lavender is a very particular flavour that doesn't suit everyone hehe.