Friday, 10 August 2012

gro anywhere blind Review

We were sent one of these fabulous travel blackout blinds from the gro company, although they are so practical you might be tempted to use it at home on a daily basis.  Usually we improvise with a sleeping bag pegged to the outside of the curtain, very stylish I know (note the heavy sarcasm there!).  But this was much easier, the suckers make it a convenient and quick process and the blind is a good size (maximum 200 x 130cm) so fits most windows.

A lovely star design

With it staying light so long in the evening and my sanity needing them in bed as normal its important to keep their rooms in darkness.  Otherwise they assume its still daytime and lead me on a merry dance!  Resulting in an exhausted grumpy mummy!  Now all I need is the gro company to come up with a way to stop the ice cream van siren happily (and loudly!) announcing its arrival just as they are nicely tucked and drifting off to sleep…

We have a couple of trips away planned this year and I am going to have to make sure I bring our fantastic blind with us, it is very portable as it fits neatly into a little travel bag.  I have to come clean once we were so desperate to block the light out on holiday we sellotaped bin bags to the window, yes not the most sensible of idea’s but brought about from sheer desperation…  for £29.99 it would have been much easier to buy this!

Yay mum having no more silly idea's with bin bags!

It provides great coverage; the room was very dark afterwards.  Without a single complaint about it not being bedtime.  Hooray.  At the rate I am going with a gro-clock for eldest which is still working wonders (he is very disgruntled if his brother wakes him and it is not showing a sun on his clock yet) and a blind stopping any light waking them, I should be less addled by lack of sleep soon and walking with a spring in my step.

Just make sure you pull off the suckers carefully one at a time and do not be tempted to just yank it off the window in the morning.  After all you will be enjoying the benefits of more sleep for a long time, you do not want to damage it on the first go (as I might have but luckily reviewing makes me more prone to reading instruction booklets!).

For more information on all the gro company products check out their website.

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