Friday, 24 August 2012

Introducing the Skylanders Giants

My son is somewhat of a hardcore fan when it comes to the Skylanders.  Since he had the original game for his birthday, he has been adding new characters to his collection on a regular basis.  Every time he has been particularly well behaved or achieved something extra special (like getting a certificate at Sports Day) he has warranted himself a new character.  

He currently has 21 and has completed the game, but his love of Skylanders does not end there, no he wants to level each of those characters, collect all the treasure and then with his gold unlock all of their skills.  He is also quite partial to finding silly hats dotted around the game and getting his character to wear them!

So he was exceptionally excited to see the Skylanders Arena at Lollibop and have a picture with Tree Rex, the giants are being called forward to help the Skylanders who are in a spot of bother... (seriously would you want to mess with this guy!)

His younger brother did not want to miss out on the action and had to have a picture with Jet Vac, who has a powerful vacuum device to fly through the skies.  With his fancy piece of kit he does not need to bother with his wings!

It was fun seeing all the children thrilled to learn more about the expansion, everyone was clambering to try and get picked to stand on the giant portal.  My son bless him did not get picked and it broke his heart as he knows so much Skylanders trivia!  Luckily we had been left a press set which included a new Dark Spyro, which suddenly nursed him back to health!  Phew!

Due for release in October, I am not sure we will be able to wait for Father Christmas.  It promises to be yet another epic yarn, with lots of re-playability.  Is it wrong that I am just as excited as him!!!


  1. Like father like son lol! Amazing collection :)

  2. The Skylanders Arena looks quite good!
    I have pre-ordered the Skylanders giants from yesterday, because I am a little worried they might sell out very quickly (and the price seems reasonable now).

  3. kassandra carson12 January 2013 at 17:24

    cool skylanders giants