Thursday, 2 August 2012

Lalaloopsy Forest Evergreen Review

Forest Evergreen is a doll, but not just any doll; I hear he is fond of maple syrup, stomping around in his boots and trips in the great outdoors.  Of course he is suitably attired for romps in the countryside, with his fetching lumberjack outfit.  He was actually sewn on September 26th (Lumberjack Day); the date of birth is on his underwear (yes really!).  I must admit I was in the dark about Lumberjack day… I had to google (hooray for google) and its supposedly a good day to attack wooden objects! 

What a handsome chap!
Each doll’s personality is built upon the materials used to make them, real lumberjacks overalls make up Forest Evergreens outfit!!!  Now that is an authentic doll.

The Lalaloopsy dolls are all very unique and collectable. They are quite striking with their button eyes.  Already a hit with little girls, my friend’s daughter (who is almost 3) was so keen to have one of these dolls after seeing adverts.  Each one comes complete with their own little pet, which is great as it is another figure when playing.  Forest Evergreen had a likeable beaver with a red bobble hat and matching button eyes.  With moveable head and limbs plenty of scope for imaginative play and colourful adventures.

Lunchtime Cuddles
Forest Evergreen was a really good quality doll and instantly very much loved.  My friends’ daughter was full of delight on seeing him and has been doing everything with him ever since, tea parties, pushing him in her pram and hiding out in the Wendy house together.  

If I stay in here my big brother can't share him!
They are inseparable.  Forest Evergreen is a good size to be carried and played with, my friends daughter has also been stashing the pet beaver in her pocket as she does not want to lose him.  The clothes are very detailed and removable; if you add more dolls to your set you could probably swap clothes, although word of warning Forest Evergreen has reliably informed me he does not appreciate pink or frills!

There is a huge selection of dolls, including additional outfits and even items of furniture; I predict this will be a high-ranking Christmas essential for little girls. Forest Evergreen has an RRP of about £25; you can buy him from The Entertainer when he is back in stock!  But until he is have a look at the other dolls, I dare you not to be enticed…

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