Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Lego Star Wars Keylights Review

My son was sent a Stormtropper Lego keylight, part of the fantastic Lego Lighting range.  Well it has brought a little light into the life of my eldest that’s for sure, for one he has gone to bed with it tucked inside his pillow, to keep him safe during the night.  This served as instant reassurance for him at a tiny price (SRP £6.99) for me.  These keylights are a great affordable buy (also available with Darth Vader and Yoda) and just the right size for a Christmas stocking.

Children often get unsettled about the dark at bedtime; once he had his torch stashed safely he went straight off to sleep.  Before that he spent big parts of the day shining the light on things so he could see better (it was daylight but he seemed to find it helpful, he was quiet who am I to judge lol).  Very simple to operate, squeeze tummy and light emerges through the feet.
Batteries were included, which is always my preference, as I hate digging them out when your child just wants to play with whatever has arrived.  Often it means a hike to the shop to buy a different battery size we don’t have in!  So huge plus point including the batteries!  Jaunts to the shops always involve extra spending (sweets, ice creams...).

If your child loves Star Wars or Lego this lighting range will certainly appeal.  There is also a Darth Vader Desk Lamp (£29.99) and a Stormtrooper Torch (£16.99) to complete the collection.  The Stormtrooper Keylight is currently available at Toys R Us and the Darth Vader Keylight is currently available at Tesco.


  1. I don't know who would like this more... daddy or Dexter. Lol

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