Monday, 27 August 2012

mic o mic Review

It is a mic o mic extravangza at our house after being sent a lovely selection from DKL Toys.  It has kept eldest out of mischief for long periods of time.  Daddy and him busy in their workshop (well his bedroom!) building all manner of vehicles.

The instructions are easy enough to follow and displayed as a diagram in stages you can follow, which helps with children with little reading experience who can still follow a picture illustrating how to do it.

Even youngest was excited to see what all the fuss was about.

The models are quite elaborate and you can sit and admire the finished masterpiece on a shelf, play with it (the tractor and train have been pushed all around on the floor and the aeroplane has flown around the house) or you can even dismantle and build over again and again.  So certainly a versatile toy with lots of re-playability, dismantling does not prove too much trouble as you get a handy tool for that purpose!  Very well thought out.

You can choose when building to follow the instructions or come up with your own designs!  So definitely lots of potential to develop a child’s imagination, as they try and come up with more and more creative models to make with the included parts.  As their collections grows so does the possibilities…

The sets are pitched for children 5+ but I do think they will need the help of the “adults”, as it requires considerable manual dexterity.  Although it is a nice family activity, as too often us grownups can get bogged down in household chores and its great having the push of an activity that needs our involvement to spend quality time together.

With a large selection of different models to choose from these will appeal to children and their inherent love of vehicles.  The models are very colourful and quite unique with their press stud connector system.

Available to buy from PlayMerrily Toy Shop, head to the website to see the current offers on the range.  The large truck and boat look fabulous, I know we are very happy with our introduction to mic o mic.


  1. Thank you so much for this review, we really appreciate it and LOVE the pcitures!

  2. Many thanks for the review, we really appreciate it and LOVE the pictures!