Wednesday, 1 August 2012

My 1st JCB On Site Charlie Crane Set Review

Usually when anything new arrives I wait for hubbie to come home to build it, the children are pestering me like crazy but I never quite manage to construct anything myself.  Luckily the instructions were so simple to follow even I had no problem and the boys looked on in amazement as I had the toy set up for them at record speed!  A mummy first I think!

The stickers are handily numbered and there is a helpful diagram for the placement of them.  Youngest decided to peel them off the paper and then I did look a little lost momentarily but luckily the diagram even has the type of shape of each sticker!  So if you have “help” (or interference whichever you like to call it!) you can still get it completed with little effort or stress.

It is aged for 2+ but very well suited for boys up to 5.  Eldest has been playing with it the most; he is absolutely absorbed in the jobs on the site.  Using Joey JCB to transport barrels to the turntable, awaiting collection by the crane and then you can drop them down the chute and start again.  I was surprised how many times he was happy to keep repeating the process.  Then he had fun using the crane to bash down the loose wall pieces (although I think the idea is you try to avoid knocking them over, but whatever keeps them busy at work suits me fine!).

I must admit I found it hard buying my children decent presents when they were aged 2 that lasted.  They outgrew them ever so fast, in some cases in less than a few months, that is were this set excels, it will have a lasting fascination for children, with enough to keep them occupied as they grow.

The set is very sturdy and made to last.  The pieces are easy to manage and operate for young children.  So they can start to have fun straight away and not get frustrated trying to use the toy.  Charlie Crane has 7 phrases, which is very appealing but even without batteries in they kept playing and playing.

There is also a second playset to add to this the “On Site Rock Loader Set”, given how much play the first set has experienced; I am most certainly adding this to my Christmas list for the boys.  After all how much do little boys want to be builders! 

Available to buy from Amazon for £34.99, you really cannot go wrong with this set!  You can see what else Golden Bear has to offer too here.

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