Monday, 13 August 2012

Pink Lining Toy Bag Review

My youngest is very pleased (actually that might be downplaying it somewhat!); he is over the moon with his new Robbie the Robot toy bag.  He particularly likes sitting in it and pretending he is in a boat going out to sea!  It is so big (40(L) x 40(H) x 39(W) cm) it manages to home his epic soft toy collection, which is quite a fete in itself.  It has lots of fabulous robots on it and really does add some style to his room.

On a practical level these toy bags have helpful handles to carry around, so it’s easier to tidy up or attempt to get the boys to tidy up!  I made in into a fun game, placing the toy bag in the middle of the room and they got points for every toy that made it into the bag!  At worst least the mess is localised (when they miss) and then I can quickly put the rest back in the bag just before hubbie comes home, viola I look like the perfect housewife!  Totally in control of both the children and the chores…

The toy bag retails for £45, but feels like a quality product that will last and last.  The design is very appealing for my two boys.  But you can also get a ladybird and flower one for the little lady in your life.  Being laminated it is relatively easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth, which is a blessing as children are well known for their mucky fingers and mucky habits!

A toy bag and a big imagination = lots of adventures!

I wish I had stumbled upon Pink Lining earlier, having a three and five year old I cannot really get away with carrying a changing bag around anymore, more the pity looking at the range they have!  Although they are simply so gorgeous you could probably just get away with telling everyone its your new fancy handbag!  Or check out the laptop bags, if I actually ever needed to go anywhere important pretending to be a high flying executive, this would be the bag to do it with!!!  Shame that it only ever really gets as exciting as a trip to the children’s farm park… and tottering around there with high heels and a laptop might be slightly overkill!

Head over to the Pink Lining website for the complete range.

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  1. I'm loving the laptop bag, but I think £65 is out of my price range :(