Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Queen of Hearts Cookie Company Review

I think I have found a strong contender to replace cake in my life.  I never thought I would utter such words, but having sampled these cookies I could willingly give up my cake habit!!!

The cookies arrived beautifully packaged, which is only really fitting for such exquisite cookies with pretty designs.  Even the rabbits wear pearl necklaces, so very tastefully decorated.  I felt almost not posh enough to eat them!  We had family visiting so I tried to convince them it was my own handiwork but they were having none of it.  When my own cookies generally resemble giant lumps of concrete these delicious offerings, were blatantly not of my making!

They are sweet and more-ish.  But I am trying to space them out, as I do not want them to all go.  Eldest was over the moon to see a bunny cookie, apart from a dinosaur I do not think they could have had a better design for him.  

With butterflies, flowers and even edible diamonds now, these cookies will go down a treat with any lady.  Forget having new shoes or a handbag for your birthday instead enjoy cookie indulgence at its finest.  They can even be personalised with a message wishing happy birthday or well done to celebrate a special occasion (a cookie with a message might not taste any better but it can warm your heart before you chomp it!).

There are lots more styles available; the panda bears look particularly cute.  But with such obvious talent am sure we will keep seeing plenty more amazing creations here.  Very vintage feel with birds in cages and very detailed lace like patterns.

They are in the process of setting up a brand new website, so until then you can contact them through facebook or by email.  These would make lovely gifts for anyone, the only problem I have now is my boys and myself will be walking down the biscuit aisles with our noses in the air, we have tasted the best, no other cookie can really compare now!  Queen of Hearts you have spoilt us, but thank you for a little taste of heaven!

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