Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Ravensburger Mini Memory Games

We were sent two of these lovely little Ravensburger games to review, Moshi Monsters and Mike the Knight.  Each box came with 48 high quality cards featuring characters from each show.  Aimed at children 3-5 years, my two boys were perfectly matched for playing these games.

It was very simple to get started you just place out the cards and then try and find a matching pair.  It is great for the boys to practice their recall skills; something that is also well suited to the forgetful adult in the house, AKA me!  Perhaps if I play often enough I might not be so ditzy…

Being housed in such a small box, it is a handy portable game for holidays; we took them with us to London as they did not take up much room in our luggage.  Then if you have a moment of chaos and need some calm quieter behaviour you can whip out these games and happily spend some time playing as a family.

And just in case you have never played a variant of this classic game, it even helpfully comes with instructions.  The game cards are strong, even difficult for me as an adult to bend, so the kind of quality you need for children who can be slightly rough in play (my two can be semi feral when it suits them, do not let those cute faces deceive you!).

There are also Hello Kitty, Minnie Mouse and Disney Princess designs, so the girls of your families are well catered for too.  You can even use less of the playing cards if you want to make the game easier for those a little younger, so very versatile and I have a feeling this game is one they will be playing for a long time!

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