Friday, 3 August 2012


I was sent a lovely selection of make up to review from SHEER COVER.  I am not a particularly girly girl but I definitely would like to make a little bit more effort, the distressed look is not working for me anymore! 

What I love about this brand is the VIP Club; whereby you pay a set amount each month and every three months get a complete set of new makeup like in my picture below:

I think this is great, because the amounts provided are just right to use up completely in time to receive your next fresh set.  Some people have big pots of foundation that linger around for ages, its surprising how many germs can be lurking in old makeup!  Hands up as well who is guilty for keeping it too long… I bet there are heaps of you reading this and agreeing with me!

If your makeup has been hanging about so long you forgot when you bought it now might be the time to replace it!  There is no need to be nostalgic about your old makeup, when its time for it to go, just take the plunge (even if it reminds you of a special occasion you went to far back yonder!).  Keep a picture to remember something not a crusty pot of gunk!  Your face is worth so much more.

The hardest thing I find is discovering my skin tone for foundation, but SHEER COVER have thought of this and have a very helpful guide.  It really makes the process simple, with useful pictures of real women so you can see for yourself what would suit you best.

What I also like about this club is the fact you get an application tips and tricks guide, unfortunately for the purposes of the review I did not have one of these included.  But I like the idea that I might actually learn to apply makeup correctly with this.  I really am clueless!  But in the interests of being a proper reviewer, I shall now attempt to make myself look nice (or at the very least less tired!).  Apologises ahead if I resemble a clown at the end of this, but I blame my technique and not the makeup!

This is the first time in my life that I have used a Base Perfector, which minimises the appearance of fine lines.  I think I should have started on it much sooner, maybe then I would receive fewer comments on how tired I always look!

The brushes were really good quality, whether you’re a complete novice like me or a bit of a pro they should raise to the challenge.  I felt like a little girl raiding her mum’s make up bag!   The products gave good coverage.  I especially loved the Palette lip-gloss, lovely colours and not too sticky!

The end result was very natural (but lines and pores were hidden much more than normal).  Although remind me next time to brush my hair before a photograph!  Obviously with talent you could work wonders, but I am still very happy and enjoyed dabbling with some great products.

For prices and more information I recommend a visit to the website.


  1. Ooo I love the way they wrap up the kit! You are right I'm one of those who have makeup that are older than my children! The VIP club does sound interesting I'll go check it out :) x

  2. I am soooo bad at throwing away old make-up. I dread to think how old some of it is!  Great product and would make a great gift too :)