Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Lorax Movie Activity and Colouring Books

We were sent two of the Lorax movie tie-in books, a Sticker and Activity book and a Colour and Create book.  Both books were really good to keep my boys occupied.  They have been particularly feral today, I just want to raise a white flag and admit defeat!!!  The holidays seem so long and my boys so attuned to winding each other up, it’s an art form they have both mastered… I want to sit in a corner rocking, chain eating chocolate!

Luckily a book each and some colouring pencils afforded me a few moments peace.  When your nerves are well and truly shattered £3.99 to pay for a book to amuse them is nothing.  These books are good as the activity book had lots of different types of things to do, dot to dot, finding your way through a maze, mirroring drawing (where you try and copy the other half of the picture) and plenty more.

My boys have read The Lorax already and loved it, so it’s quite nice to have the activity book and colouring book to accompany that and build on what they enjoyed so much.  Now the film is newly released am sure these products will prove even more popular.  But as a stressed out mum reaching the mid holiday blues I need activity books, eldest really does thrive on them.  His little brother seems better suited to the colouring, which calmed his temper today.  Who would have thought colouring was so therapeutic I think I need to start!  Today would have been an even harder day without these books!

Thank you Harper Collins, today I salute you!

Available to buy from lovereading4kids.co.uk


  1. loving your pages, come across it through entering a previous comp. now regulary visit it thanks for all the fun, and interstin articles keep up the good work

  2. How lovely of you to say!  Thank you and hope you keep coming back :) x