Tuesday, 21 August 2012

wagamama Review

I have never eaten in a wagamama before but I think that will change after this enjoyable experience.  Any chance we get on our holidays I think we will have to schedule a visit.  Shame we do not have one on our doorstep, as we would be dropping in regularly.

The food is prepared fresh in an open style kitchen; you can see the chefs busy at work.  Everything looked very clean and the long communal tables and benches were actually surprisingly appealing.  When busy you could have anyone sat next to you and strike up conversations with complete strangers.  It could make for a fun social occasion.

Waiting staff were polite and very efficient in the Royal Festival Hall/Southbank branch in London we reviewed.  Ours wrote the numbers of the meals we were having on the paper in front of us, I wondered why she did this, but later as our meals were placed before us whilst we were deep in conversation I could see the benefit.  Much less intrusive for diners, your food magical appears with no break in conversation to say who is having what to eat!

wagamama is the perfect place for families to eat out.  But do not just take my word for it, check out how many buggies were parked outside!  I think that does say it all.  

Perhaps it’s down to their introduction of a children’s menu teaming up with Okido (an arts and science magazine).  The new character “Hoshi” was popular with eldest particularly given the bunny resemblance. 

I loved that they had an activity booklet to work through and colours on the table to keep themselves occupied.  

It gave us adults a welcome reprieve to check out the comprehensive menu.  The waitress took our drinks and children order first; meaning my boys food (cod cubes, sticky white rice, carrot cucumber and sweetcorn costing only £4.05 each) arrived quickly.

This was a very clever idea and I would love to see more restaurants following suit.  My two are notoriously slow eaters so this gave them a chance to get through more of their appetising lunch before us grown ups finished!

The wagamama easy use chopsticks were great for children to handle.  It was lovely seeing my boys experiment with them.  The sauce arrived in a little side dish so boys could try it without putting them off the rest of the meal if it was not for them!  As it was eldest was quite happy giving it a try, I think the novelty of using chopsticks to dip them in, seemed to spur them on!

Youngest even became a dab hand with the adult chopsticks!

The adult meals all arrived at different times but not long enough between us to have been a point of criticism.  To be honest this is pretty fast food, we were fed and watered quickly, but with very healthy food.  My chicken tama rice (£8.20) smelt delicious and the taste matched it.  I have never had sticky rice before and I think I have been missing out!  The flavours in the sauce perfectly complemented the meal.  

My hubbie was equally impressed with the chicken katsu curry (£9.15) he had and savoured.  He just loved eating with chopsticks too as he is quite the master!  I admit I used the cutlery…

Good sized portions so we had no room for dessert unfortunately.  But another excuse to come back at the next chance we get!

We had four adult and two children meals plus drinks for just shy of £60.  I was so impressed with this.  If you have yet to sample some wagamama dining, I recommend remedying that quickly!!!  Head over to their website for locations and menu information.

We received vouchers for the purpose of reviewing Wagamama

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