Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Warbutons Baked Chips Review

We were sent a selection of these to review.  Just take a gander at the lovely assortment!

I must admit to being slightly concerned to see Fiery Madras in there, one of the new Baked Nann Chips flavours.  I did in the end have to give these away to a work colleague… I can brave holding a millipede but eating a curry that hot is out of my comfort zone!  Although I did nibble on the Classic Tikka and survived (even enjoyed) the experience, possibly I should have taken charge, stopped being a wimp and just ate the hot ones myself!

Although my volunteer tester confirmed they were great, he did not elaborate further but he is not airy fairy like me he sticks to the point, so if he says they were great, I am assured they were.  If you like spicy flavours they should be right up your street.

Hubbie and I love Korma and it is all we ever eat from an Indian, we never waver, so the Korma flavour needed to be quite impressive to compete with that!  But thankfully they were very delicious with a nice really creamy taste.  These would be a suitable alternative to popadoms (as long as I have mango chutney I always need a side of that!).  They also had a lovely smell and a great crunch.

These are available with an RSP of £1.79 from Morrisons.

We were also sent two of the Baked Pitta Chips varieties, Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper and Sour Cream and Chive.  What surprised me the most was the reaction of the cat; I found it eating the Sour Cream and Chive crumbs left by the boys, happily crunching away!!!  So Warbutons are the snack of choice for felines – its official…

Hubbie thought the Sea Salt had a sweeter taste than a crisp and felt less greasy, he offered them out to two nurses (am wondering if I should be concerned he is sharing food snacks with ladies in uniform!) who said they were different but in a good way!

Having less fat than crisps they will also be very popular with those trying to slim down.  But remember everyone it’s the school holidays so calories don’t count now, its called survival.

Check out the website for more information.

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