Thursday, 9 August 2012

Yazoo Milkshake Review

Boys were very pleased to see these handy sized milkshakes appear in our fridge.  Just the right size to quench their thirst (200ml) and boys were very appreciative of the taste.  They were excited to try one of each of the three flavours (Strawberry, Banana and Chocolate), so I spaced them out so they had one lovely treat a day.

With 94% milk they are a great way to get the calcium needed for normal bone development.  I think they are a fantastic way to get children drinking milk if you are finding it harder to get them to do so now they are older.  Often as much as we encourage and coax they still want fruit squashes.  I am still managing to get them to have some milk for breakfast and before bed, but this is perfect as a lunchtime indulgence.

As a mum I think these are very practical as you can store them in the cupboard for up to three months and just chill before drinking, they only need to be treated as fresh milk when they are opened.  Also as they are approved for school use (meeting set government regulations) so they would make a welcome addition to lunchboxes.  Your children will probably see these as the fun bit of their meal and then there will be no grumbles when you fill the rest of it with carrot sticks, cucumber, fruit and so on.

Available from £1.60 for a four pack at major retailers

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