Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Your Letter to Santa Review

My boys were sent another great book each from Signature Gifts, this time they were personalised with their names.  I have been holding off reviewing these as long as possible as I thought my two would start badgering me about how long till Christmas and start planning their Christmas list in intricate detail!  Luckily they both just seemed to really enjoy the story (so far so good!).

Christmas is definitely a time of magic and family traditions, a book like this can really complement that well.  My two wrote letters to Santa for the first time last year as part of the build up to Christmas.  They were curious to hear about where their letters go.  This book is lovely as it takes them on the journey the letter makes to Santa and then on to the delivery of presents at the end.  I think when it comes to writing to Santa nearer Christmas we will revisit this book and make the experience more meaningful for them.

It is the ideal book to reinforce how much Santa likes good behaviour, having a book mentioning the all important elf checks to make sure rooms are tidy and teeth brushed before presents can be made and delivered helps encourage them to be on their best behaviour!  I can also add in some nice extras like be kind to your brother!  You to could utilise the power of the elf, seriously all stressed out mum’s need a copy of one of these books…

The book was personalised throughout, mainly in every image but also a couple of times in the text.  Boys were absorbed from the get go, they love hearing about Santa but also they really liked seeing their own names in print.  Last time we reviewed for Signature Gifts we had samples so it was nice having their actual names this time.

The rhyming language is simple for any child to understand and enjoy and being a book filled with appealing images of Santa, Elves, Reindeer and Polar Bears it will be very popular.

Eldest enjoyed polar bear spotting, as there are some to find on every double page, a pleasant additional feature of the book for any fan of finding activities (he has all the Where’s Wally books for this very reason!).

The book costs £9.99 and is available to buy from Gone Digging and selected Fenwick stores (in the children's toy department) from September.  Keep an eye on my blog as later in the year I will bring you a competition to win a copy!

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